[solved] Problem with Google Assistant component configuration - 404: Not Found while adding device in Google Assistant app


I’ve done all the required steps from the Google Assistant component page but when I click on the “[test] Home Assistant” inn the add new device page in Google Assistant application on my phone, after few redirects I get an error “404: Not Found”. Also there is this entry in my log file:

[homeassistant.components.google_assistant.auth] missing redirect_uri field

Here is my config, hope that someone can see what’s wrong:


  project_id: X <--- project id from cloud console
  client_id: X <--- randomly generated string
  access_token: X <--- randomly generated string
  agent_user_id: X <--- my email address
  api_key: X <--- api key taken from HomeGraph API credentials page (Server key auto created by Google Service)
  expose_by_default: false
    - switch
      name: Kitchen light
      expose: true
      room: Kitchen

Actions on Google configuration:

Account creation:
No, I only want to allow account creation on my website

Linking type:
OAuth, Implicit

Client information: 
Client ID: X <--- the same as in configuration.yaml
Authorization URL: https://mydomain/api/google_assistant/auth?api_password=***

Configure your client (optional):
Scopes: email, name (two separate lines)

Create Smart Home action / Add fulfillment URL:

HomeGraph API is enabled.

I saw on some other threads that people put project.json into .homeassistant directory, but I didn’t see instructions to generate this file anywhere on Google Assistant Component page. Is it necessary?

Also when I put https://mydomain/api/google_assistant/auth?api_password=*** address into my browser it generates the following response (I’m not sure if it’s relevant):

"message": "missing redirect_uri field"

So, any ideas why this doesn’t work? What am I doing wrong?

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So it seems that the configuration is correct but the damn Google Home app is buggy. Users in other thread suggested to try again and again and after some time it will succeeded - and it did. :thinking:

Hello, do you know if is possible to have all the configuration in a file, inside a directory? instead in configuration file?