SOLVED: Problems with Sonoff POW R2 on ESPHome

Hi All

I’ve moved most of my Sonoff’s to ESPHome, the last ones (except the RF433 bridge) is my Sonoff POW R2

I’ve used @frenck 's setup of ESPHome

My problem is that they reset all the time.
It looks like the max get 1500s of uptime, and then they reset.

They were on Tasmota before, and I just used the internal firmware upload.
Has anybody else used it, any input on how I fix it?

Ok, I reversed to the Tasmota, and all the settings were still there.
So it seems that the memory wasn’t reset, I guess that could be why it’s so unstable.
But how do I fix it?

Why the fascination with Esphome if Tasmota is working?

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I would like to only have one platform, and when I tested, the switches were noticebly faster on esphome, so much that the family noticed it. The switches acted more ‘natural’ for them.

Fair enough. I have not noticed any timing difference between the two here.

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Enable debug (not logger) attach usb serial to see logs and it will tell why it restarts

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Make sure you disable the logger/uart. On the POW R2, the serial port is used for reading power measurement. By default, ESPHome also tries to send logging information to serial. If that still happens, this weird behavior occurs. So yeah…


Ahh, I see, and that is simply by omitting the logging: line from the config, right?

Nope, you add the logger, but sets its baudrate to 0


Ok, perfect, I’ll try it out. Thankyou very much for the help!

My bad. Didn’t know the setup used the serial port.

I believe you can still setup the logger serial port to another pin and use the debug component but that will be a bit harder.

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After setting the baudrate to 0 it’s working perfectly, 11000s in uptime so far :slight_smile:

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@frenck can I bother you with one more question, what is the logic behind the Blue LED in your config, I can’t get my head around that? I was thinking of making it show ‘running’ if I can figure it out.

It currently shows the state of the relay, the linked config is a gist of an early experiment. You can find my production config don my general GitHub profile

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Ok, great, I’m looking at it, which ESP config is the best to look at?

I found ESP05, I think that is the most interesting for me :slight_smile:
Looks very nice,I didn’t know a lot of those settings, great learning, thankyou!