[Solved] Restart looping

When i try to restart my hass.io installation (On a raspberrypi 1 B+) First, it takes very long (15min+) and also in the logs, it seems that the restart is looping (I see components setting up/loading more than one time)
Does anyone know a solution to this

EDIT: I just found the issue: My raspberry pi is not powerful enough (After update to 0.60.1 Home Assistant gets stuck)

Trying to clarify, I may have the same issue. I have a Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB, setup image and booted. Appeared to be working away but HA doesn’t start. I can ssh into port 22222 (https://home-assistant.io/developers/hassio/debugging/) and HA is not running. It did look like HA was maybe attempted to restart.

Was the problem you saw a watchdog timer killing off a process that took too long to respond/complete?

Yes, in the supervisor logs, there’s a lot of errors and according to th post I linked, it means that my home assistant setup is too big for my raspberry pi 1