[SOLVED] “retain: true” stopped sensors from uploading!

I’m besides myself! I got up early after trying a few different MQTT configurations for my esp8266 and the services not connecting. This morning, I reconfigured the packets to transmit in JSON format and… hallelujah! the numbers started updating and everything was working.

Then, I went into configuration.yaml and added “retain: true” as I thought I needed to set that for historical data and charts. And now the sensors don’t update. They show the last numbers from hours ago - not even unavailable or 0.

In my serial monitor it shows as connected and values are updated. If I touch the sensor, the temp goes up. All good there.

In the log, it shows a connection from ESP8266, with the correct IP, and the connection isn’t dropped.

Nothing has changed in the ESP’s code and in the configuration.yaml i removed the retain. i refreshed the host and core - no change. I even removed the broker (mosquitto in HASS) and the integration and added them again. nothing. i removed the code in configuration, saved, refreshed, and added it in: nothing.

In fact, when I re-added the sensors, they showed the same static data from hours ago!! When I click one of the sensors on the card in the dashboard, it says “8 minutes ago” or some time that isn’t hours. But no value.

Am I missing something? I feel like I wasn’t getting readings for so long and finally felt like I understood when the sensors were updating. Only for them to stop uploading. What a tease.

If anyone has any tips, please share. I am on mobile right now but can upload code and screenshots as soon as I am back on my computer. Thanks again!

hi there…Can you please explain what is the sensor and also what firmware is being used with esp8266?

Thanks for your reply. I posted too soon and may delete. I ended up figuring it out even though I thought I had tried it before.

I reset ALL username and passwords for the broker, client, and HASS MQTT profiles and it is now working and updating. Go figure!