[Solved] Roborock Integration - Is Mi Home App required to get API?

Problem solved:

I came across a custom HACS repo: GitHub - humbertogontijo/homeassistant-roborock: Roborock integration for Home Assistant. This integration uses your devices from the Roborock App

Added it to HACS, and roborock integration only requires username/password from roborock app, absolutely no need for Mi Home app or the API key. Awesome!

— Original question below —
The official doc for Roborock Integration says:

" Can I use the Mi home app with this integration?
No. This integration requires information from your Roborock app to set up and uses Roborock’s protocols to communicate with your device. You must have your vacuum synced to the Roborock app."

However, during installing the Roborock Integration, it says:
“Support for Roborock devices is provided by Xiaomi Miio. Do you want to continue?”

The integration process then also asked for Miio API key (as well as IP address).

So I’m a bit confused, is the Mi Home App required? Does it mean I need to sign up with both the Roborock app and Mi Home app on iOS/Android at least once?

I’m using the latest HAOS 2023.5.2.

Thank you!

I believe the integration is actually set up to use either one, depending on which one you have. However, I do not have one to confirm that is the case.