SOLVED - Short Circuit a running automation in NodeRed


I am starting to use Node-Red automations but having an issue with multiple triggers firing a script multiple times. Note the screen shot below. The bottom half is fine as it’s halting if the switch is already on, but for the top half of the automation, if both triggers fire (and the garage door state is open), it will run the automation multiple times. Additionally, if it’s already running, it will run again (my ifttt call is for recording via arlo).

How would I 1) combine the triggers into one call to the action? and 2) don’t run again immediately?

Lastly, where I have the garage door state, I would like to have an OR - where it’s garage open OR garage side door is unlocked. I haven’t figured out how to add that logic in there.


I think you have put this post in the wrong section. Appdaemon is all python based so you probably won’t get much help here.


Thanks. My bad on the autocomplete during posting. moved.

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Solved in case anyone else is trying to figure it out.

Used a Delay Timer with the rate limit setting (set to discard intermediate messages) to prevent the multiple firings. Put the state checks in front of the delay timer to halt either if the doors are closed. If both fire as open, will still only run once.

Getting the hang of this!

can you export your entire page from node-red?