[SOLVED] SmartThings Motion Sensors Not Reporting

So I have several motion sensors that are tied in through SmartThings (ST). I did this because they were having issues with HomeAssistant not fully registering and just acting weird. So I just hooked them up to ST for now. They’ve been working just fine recording movement, temperature changes etc. Now it should be noted that its not must my battery powered ones now come to find out, its all motion including my Aeotec Multi Sensors. They check in when HA is restarted but after that they don’t check in again. I mean I can see in ST that they’re reporting in, but its like the events are just not being sent from ST over to HA. I am using the ST integrations bit. I don’t think I missed something with the latest release in regards to that integration. All of my other ST items that are still controlled by ST are working just fine. Its really limited to just motion. Thank you for your help.

So today I redid the integrations component from step 1 and everything is now reporting properly.

Really?!?! You had to remove and re-add ST integration to get this back working?

I’m having the exact same issue. Everything is working just fine in the SmartThings app. None of the events related to battery powered devices (i.e motion sensors and contact switches) make it from SmartThings to HA. Mains powered devices are working fine (light switches & outlets)

I enabled debug logging for smartthings in HA, no errors show up there. Nothing shows up in the logs when any of the devices are triggered and send state / events to HA.

I can control all ST devices from HA without issue.
I’ve restarted HA and the ST hub and nothing changed.

Anyone have any clues on how to dig deeper on why the battery devices are not reporting in? I’d rather not remove and re-add ST to HA, mainly because i have a lot of custom entity names setup in there.

Yeah that was my fix. For me it kept all of the names the same.

Let me double check what you did…You removed and re-added the ST integration?
Did you have some of the entities renamed?
Did all the entities came back online with their customized entity names?

I have a lot of ST entities setup in node red-flows, i just know ill end up missing some of them if i need to go through and rename all of them to friendlier names again.

Seems like this is my only option anyway though, just trying to get a handle on how much work is ahead of me before I pull the plug! :crazy_face:

My procrastination has paid off. Battery sensors started reporting in again today without me doing a thing :partying_face::confetti_ball::fireworks:

My Smartthings setup and Home Assistant are not playing together nicely. This thread seems to have gone idle, but the problem persists and the only way I can get my motion sensors to start reporting their state to HA is remove and reinstall the SmartThings integration.

Something is losing connection and not getting reestablished over time.

Very frustrating as I have a Zooz outdoor sensor controlling a security light setup that is somewhat worthless when the smartthings integration fails.

FWIW, I am running the latest releases of HA and the hub’s up to date as well.