SOLVED (sort of): Moving from a raspberry pi with pihole to pihole on, how do I move the dhcp settings?

I really think the pihole is a great help for the whole house.
We do have some challenges still, but for the most it’s a good thing.
I really wanted to move from the independent RPi with pihole, to the one running on
But in out current I have a lot of fixed IP addresses, and I really wouldn’t like to enter them all again.
So how do I move them over?

I tried using the Teleporter, as I could read from the documentation, that in the later versions that would take them over, but it doesn’t, so how else do I do it?

I did contemplate moving to AdGuard, but that didn’t have the DHCP server builtin, so I gave up on that. I need it to have a DHCP server, as my current router ( doesn’t allow me to set the local domain name.

I too recently moved from stand-alone Pi-Hole to the addon version, and also found it not possible to import the DHCP settings.

I had to manually enter them by hand…

Ok, darned, I guess I’ll have to do that then :frowning:
Thankyou for your help!

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After moving to the the whole network became unstable, so I gave up on integrating pihole, and is keeping it on my Raspberry pi 1B :slight_smile: