(SOLVED) SSL Cert Renewal Help Required

Hi Guys

Running letsencrypt addon and recently noticed my cert was due to expire, so I port forwarded port 80 as required, started the addon and viewed the log, the log showed it had renewed and showed a date some time in March 22. So job done I thought.

However having just noticed my HA sensor still shows next week as expiry I have just checked and sure enough my cert (if checked online) shows its due to expire next week still.

So I have again forwarded port 80 and restarted the addon, but this time it says no renewal due. I have deleted the old SSL files and run the addon again with with the same results.

I am no expert in this field by any means and have no idea how to proceed from this point, so any input greatly appreciated.

You probably have the new certificate, but you also need to apply it to the services that have to use it.

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The new cert would not show up in home assistant until I restarted the Host, no amount of restarting HA rectified the issue, still have uninstalled and reinstalled letsencrypt 101 times, deleted and or renamed the cert files several times over along with a little research on SSL and cert files etc, I have learnt quite a lot - so not a complete waste of time.

In my case, restarting the host then I guess.