[Solved} Supervisor is running in an unhealthy state (because of watchtower container!)


My Supervisor is running in an unhealthy state.
Latest version is 2020.12.7, but installed is 2021.01.dev0801.
I think this was my watchtower container which updated the supervisor.
I disabled it, deleted the supervisor container and hassio recreated it immediately, but again the newest dev version…

How can I get the right supported one installed again?

I run today in same problem with watchtower.

Unhealthy Home Assistant because of watchtower.
If the Supervisor logs (Frontend > Supervisor > System) reports that you have containers that are not supported, you need to remove the images from the host.

In my case I was running containrrr/watchtower .
To remove it, on the host execute:

docker rmi containrrr/watchtower:latest

If you’re running Portainer this can be done under Images .
Then restart Supervisor (Frontend > Supervisor > Restart). After a minute, if you reload the page, the unhealthy state should be gone

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Great!! Removing the watchtower image was the solution!
I even didn’t notice that there was an entry of unsupported watchtower container in the log…

Big thanks!

I shoulb be free of using what i want i dont use wathtower for HA but i have other containers!

I find the current enforced restrictions of a unhealthy system so incredibly irritating. I understand that there are requirements for a system to be considered healthy. But why forcefully forbid us of updating HA? Not even giving us the freedom to choose to ignore the warnings and accept the risks?
I have watchtower configured to only update containers with a specific label, so it can’t even touch my HA related containers. The easy workaround is to remove watchtower every time I want to install an update and then enable it again. It’s not that much effort, but still annoying.