(solved) Support of Z-Way (in pull request)


have you an idea when the Z-Way support could be integrated?

This will for me be the final decision to switch to HA, because of changed some time ago from OpenZWave to Z-Way and would like to have again one system with all integrated features :wink:


I initially used OZW here & left for a different system that had its own integration in addition to Z-Way, I chose their integration but noticed almost none of their users were using Z-Way because the other integration was better. I started coming over hear almost a year ago because zwavejs now used here is far superior to what I was using.

I really doubt there will be much interest in Z-Way especially since the official HA developers have chosen zwavejs Of course you are free to start a community integration. There are many good community packages for HA available.

BTW, the Razzberry is supported by zwavejs, I believe.

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As I wrote, there is already a ready pull request online :wink: That’s why was asking (more to the core team)

OpenZwave is not really more supported, I have used it many many years (about from beginning) - but … (you can read about it in their GitHub).

Z-Way is a certified solution and support most devices and have really good support. That is my experience since some years - many of my friends and former customers are using it :wink:

In fact is was abandoned early last year and HA moved to zwavejs right after that.

Z-Way may not be interesting for zwavejs users (is it really as good as z-way though?), but i think there are many potential HA users like me who would consider HA if/when the Z-way integration is in place.

Hope there will be a docker for HA core with this integration for beta testing soon!

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it’s available now from version 2022.03 - THANKS!

New Z-Way version will be needed (or you must patch the current latest) for the UUID feature.