[Solved] TI ZNP USB KEY not found on Intel Nuc (x86_64) with HA OS

Home Assistant OS 6.2 with core-2021.9.1 installed on Intel NUC DE3815TYKE can’t seem to find my Texas Instrument ZNP usb key (CC2531).

I checked dmesg, ha hardware info, the entries under /dev/, lsusb. I join logs corresponding to these checks.

The TI ZNP key was functionnal on my NAS (where I had to uninstall HA due to incompatibility with a NAS upgrade).

I also checked this forum, none of the messages are helpfull - the most relevant ones: N°s 147670, 55590, 228335 !.

Log files are shared on github .

Summary: works after BIOS upgrade with a twist.

It turns out that I could update to a more recent BIOS by using the firmware for the DE3815TYKHE which is actually using a DE3815TYKE .

Further, the BIOS was “customized” (it has a specific graphic at startup), and I guess that this customisation prevented updating the BIOS (error 0x8000000000000012 followed by unknown number) - I had to remove the BIOS security jumper so that the BIOS could “recover” to the BIOS file on my USB stick.

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