Solved - Turning on a switch for a water pump

Hi everyone. I need some assistance. Hurricane Ida is blowing through my area. I am getting some water into my basement and the float switch for my water pump broke. What is the best way to have a smart switch turn on for 30 seconds every 15 minutes through Node-Red in HA? Any assistance is appreciated.

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Thanks Kermit. Trying this now. I appreciate the help!

This worked perfectly. Thanks again. I owe you one!

Glad this got you through the storm!

For future reference, I’m wondering if there’s a better way than a timed cycle. What if you had a smart plug with current monitoring? They sell bilge pumps for boats which use this method; come on every so often and stay on if, and for as long as, the current draw of the motor is above some threshold. It’s not a great solution for boats where battery drain is an issue, but for a mains-powered home pump, it might be ideal.

I’ve had float switches fail too, and it would be great to have this in place as a backup.

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There are wireless leak/flood detectors. You could use that to trigger the pump. There are also powered shut off valves that can be connected to them, for when the water source is a broken pipe in the house.