[Solved] UI or YAML?


Just starting with Lovelace (had used the default web interface of HA till now) and discovered it can be handled in two different ways:

  • Do everything using the HA UI (but no easy way to backup it)
  • Code it with YAML file (and easy to backup with others config files of HA).

What’s the best way to use ? I have no problem with YAML file :wink:



It’s up to you however the UI is looking forward and yaml is looking back IMO. You can easily backup the UI Lovelace file - it’s in the config/.storage/lovelace file. It is also backed up in a snapshot.

Oki but is the UI able to do as much as yaml ?


UI is fully functional like yaml with the benefit of being able to edit from the GUI. It’s really only a matter of what you prefer. HA is becoming more and more graphical though…

Go with the yaml if comfortable with it. The UI editor still has some limitations and stability issues.

Sorry for late answer and thanks both for advices :wink: I agree with @jwelter and some stuffs have to be done with yaml, so I started with the GUI for basics and now when I need something more tricky, I do it in yaml :smiley: