[solved] Unable to configure Apple iCloud integration, not getting verification SMS from Apple

When I want to configure iCloud integration, after logging in with my credentials, it asks me for a verification with a trusted device - so far, so good. The only option I get presented is sending a SMS to my mobile, but that SMS never arrives. Instead, a 2FA verification code is sent to my iPad (I don’t have an iPhone), but this code is not accepted by the dialogue in HA. (Compared to when I log into iCloud in web browser, I get this SMS from Apple). So currently I’m not able to configure the iCloud integration. I know it has been working in the past for my old HA server (about 6 months ago) with the same iCloud account.

Today, I tried it again - and now it worked, I got the SMS from Apple to verify my account. No clue if it was an issue on Apples or on my providers site.