Solved - Unable to roll back to the last release series

the 2021.8.x series hasn’t worked well for me. it’s very slow and my zwave network is noticeably slower
I want to roll back to the 2021.7.x series as I know that worked fine to see if that will help my issues.
however when I try to install, I receive these errors.
pip3 install homeassistant==2021.7.2 (0.1.2 etc) is the command I’m using
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement homeassistant==2021.7.0
No matching distribution found for homeassistant==2021.7.0
I’ve tried 7.1, .2 etc
looking for suggestions to be able to go back to the 7 series (core only install)

I did not go back and look, but I think in the last release notes they stated that 2021.7 would get you the latest point release.

didn’t try that one lol I’ll give it a go.

@GlennHA hey that did work. thanks for the tip.
I’m not sure what’s going on with the 8 series, but I just rolled back to 7 and everything is now near instant again.

Make it as solved then.

for reason that option did appear for me so i just edited the title. sorry