[SOLVED] Updating SSL certificate on hassio

I’m posting this in hopes of saving someone else a few hours of frustration. The short version is that I needed to clear the cache on my browser to see the new certificate. It was a surprise to me that the browser cached the server certificate, so I spent a few hours trying to force hassio to pull the correct certificate - when in fact it already had. Chrome/Edge/Firefox users can clear the cache with CTRL+F5. Many thanks to @kory007 for posting this solution to a similar problem that put me on the right track.

The slightly longer back story is that I wanted to replace the existing certificate with a wildcard cert. After replacing the certificates, I could never see the wildcard show up in the browser. Duh, it was being cached. Once I cleared the cache, the wildcard cert showed up just fine.

Hope this helps someone.



Ctrl-F5 for the win! Thank you for the tip! I was pulling my hair out why the old cert was still showing!! :slight_smile: