[SOLVED] Using Node Red to turn Hive Heating on to schedule

Hi everyone,
I’ve been researching this for days and I just can’t figure it out. I’m very new to Node Red and so with the help of the HA community and Google, I’ve managed to piece together a working flow to track my phone, using the HA Android app, and turn my heating and lights off if I go out and sort of turn the heating back on when I come home. I say sort of because it does trigger it to turn on but it sets it to manual and 7C. What I want to do is have it enable schedule.

I think it’s down to using:

Service: climate.turn_on

From looking at the entity for one of my thermostats:

hvac_modes: auto, heat, off
min_temp: 5
max_temp: 32
preset_modes: none, boost
current_temperature: 21.8
temperature: 21
hvac_action: idle
preset_mode: null
availability: Online
battery_level: 100%
friendly_name: Downstairs Heating
supported_features: 17

I need to use:

Service: climate.set_hvac_mode

This I can do but also where I then get stuck, as I think I need to set the hvac mode to auto and I can’t figure out how. I’m guessing that it needs to somehow go in the data field, but no matter what I’ve tried it has no impact and my Google skills have sadly let me down

Can anyone please point me in the first direction?


I tend to try these things in the services tab of the main developer menu first because things will give you an example of the data you can prove. For example climate.turn_on only takes entity_id.

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Thanks for that, I didn’t even know that the services tab was a thing!

Tried it out and the following achieves exactly what I need Nord Red to do:

entity_id: climate.downstairs_heating
hvac_mode: auto

And that set me down the track of trying to parse different combinations in data. Et voila:


Cracked it. :raised_hands:t3:

Thanks for the assist!