[Solved] Various components not loading in the UI when connecting from outside home network

So, when I moved my HASS config, the long-lived access tokens had disappeared, and I had to re-create them. I had forgotten to exchange the token in the NGINX config.

I have noticed certain parts of Home Assistant no longer working, but only when accessing externally. I’ve noticed this after upgrading hardware, and (at the same time) upgrading Home Assistant from 0.109.X to 0.110.X.

I am running Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04, with Home Assistant in Docker. I am also running the linuxserver DuckDNS and letsencrypt/nginx containers.

The setup is just copied to the new hardware, and the UI loads. However, I’ve noticed that a few things are only present when accessing the HASS UI via the local IP. What I’ve noticed (until now, there may be more things) is:

  • History/Recorder
  • Home assistant log (developer-tools/logs)
  • Integrations page (config/integrations, the HACS->integrations seems to work)

And everything else seems to work. I can control stuff, I can get the state of sensors (their corresponding custom:mini-graph-cards are blank, and when trying to load history, it stalls at Loading state history... ).

I’ve tested with several different browsers, as well as the Android app.