[SOLVED] Way to get Alexa/Ring Motion into local network without nabu casa

I’d been looking for a way for a while to get a motion event (trigger only) from my 7 RING cameras into Home Asssistant. And finally came across a way that works fairly well.

I have a simple development board running Tasmota, with ‘7’ emulatated switches, wtih Wemo emulation on. (Its actually just hacking the SONOFF 4CH template to have 7 relays instead of 4).

And after running discovery (Strangely a ‘couple’ of times to get all 7) I was able to get all 7 devices to appear. Making it childs play to trigger an event based on motion in Alexa Routines.

I’ve settled on using Alexa to ‘turn’ on the switch when motion is detected, and turn it off when motion is no longer detected after 2 minutes. Which is then easy to manage via MQTT in HA for a trigger.

Anyway, wanted to share this with you, as it had been bugging me for a while, as the Alexa will call a local network device - with no cloud needed. I suspect this pattern could be used for many things.

One of the main things I’ve done with this, is use it to drive “CRITICAL” notifications from a Ring event. Ie Someone at the door, or coming in my front event. So I don’t miss it when I’m asleep or just otherwise not right next to my phone.

I’ve also started experimenting with sending a camera snapshot from a Network camera for another image of the same event to the notification - ie someone walking in for additional verification.

Ring Doorbell motion triggered Critical Alert!