Solved. Wyoming satellite (Pi zero 2W + 2mic board) - failed install, deleted - and now not discovered?

I’ve just built a third wyoming satellite module with a pi zero 2w & two mic board.
The first two were recognised & work fine.

When this third one was first recognised (under settings > devices > Wyoming protocol), it did not set up correctly.

I deleted the errored device & restarted everything, expecting it to be detected again - but its not? No sign of the third device despite it being on line to an ssh connection and all the services showing as running correctly?

How and where do I delete the relevant data so it’s detected again as a new device?

Or, do I Delete Wyoming completely - but can I do that without messing up piper & whisper etc??

Thanks, Robert.

I never managed to find the problem with that new build, it was absolutely identical to the previous ones as far as I could tell, but rebuilt as the new SD cards were smaller so I could not simply clone an existing one, as I did for the second build.

I found a tool to clone to a smaller card directly on the Pi zero:

A clone of a working one, with the hostname, satellite device name and IP address, made on one of the new small cards, then works perferctly.