[SOLVED] Xiaomi chuangmi.plug.m1 - cannot integrate

Weirdest thing - I have the classic Xiaomi Chuangmi M1 Wifi plug. I have had it integrated before.

Now, for the life of me, I can’t do it. I can add it in the Xiaomi app BUT it doesn’t show up in the app after successful setup. I do see its IP and token in the Get Mi Home token extractor app, tried to add it manually into config.yaml but to no avail (“The xiaomi_miio platform for the switch integration does not support platform setup. Please remove it from your config”). I tried the (not recommended) manual config in the Miio integration but again - the actual switch is inactive, greyed out.

Xiaomi Miio integration does not auto-detect it. Any tips?

EDIT: it did appear after some time with the manual install (via Integrations, the “not recommended” option)