[SOLVED] Z2M 1.37.0-1 - SYMFONISK Sound Controller play/pause action no longer works, also no logs in Z2M

Yes, I am aware there is already a issue created on Github for no logs in Z2M.

I also have an issue where after upgrade to 1.37.0-1 the play/pause action of the SYMFONISK Sound Controller no longer triggers. Has anyone else experienced this, before I log an issue in Github?

Alas - as the logs are broken so I cannot post any…

Rolling back to 1.36.1-1 resolves both issues.

The logs are mentioned in the release notes, debug logs don’t go to the front-end any more.

Ah - thanks Francis. The logs in the add-on are a pain to read - I guess I will have to see if I can capture anything in there.

Ok - found the cause. The play/pause action no longer triggers for this remote, however the toggle action has been added and now triggers…