(Solved) Zooz Z-wave Stick - No Entities?

Set up a new HA on a RPi 4 with a Zooz USB. Everything went really well. Found the z-wave USB, set up a Aeotec Trisensor and a Kaipule z-wave IM20 Sensor. the Trisensor was even a secure include. ALl went too easy

Then I realized that althogh the sensors show up in Z-WAVE JS, and the debug shows events (open close, etc)

None of the entities exist for either sensor in HA? Did I overlook something?
Checked the following links


The only thing I have different re: this set up is that I have the recorder disabled due to space savings on disk

I followed the outline here, although mine wasn’t an upgrade

To get the sysetm to integrate with the local websockets, I had to get the hostmame from the configuration (localhost and IP woudn’t work)

I don’t recall having to do this on the old system

Also note: The Aeotec Trisensor was discovered fine and the illumineance, temp, motion all working fine