SOMA Connect - blinds only close down all the way and not up

I am a brand new user of HA, and sort of technical but not overly, so be gentle!

I normally use ‘she who must not be named’ to control the blinds fully up and down, and also open and close at sunrise/sunset, and also have triggers to open and close based on light levels. This is ok, and I will probably leave that alone.

However, on the LoveLace overview, the up and down arrows are shown. The down arrow will close the blinds downwards completely, but the up arrow only closes the blinds half way, i.e. the fully open position.

Can I get the up arrow to close the blinds fully up? It doesn’t seem obvious… well, to me, anyway!

Did you have any luck with this? I just bought these myself and they seem to be great except I’d really prefer they close up. I have half a mind to re calibrate them with the up/down the opposite, but did you find a better way?