SOMA Tilt 2 Battery Level?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to read the battery level of a SOMA Tilt 2 in HA? I have it integrated using a SOMA Connect and controlling them works perfectly, but I don’t see any way to read the battery.


My SOMA Tilt 2 shows the battery automatically through the integration. What do you see when you click on devices link on the integration?

I see this:

Hm I don’t think I see that on my end. If I click one of the devices this is what I see:

What version of firmware is your connect running?
You may need to update if you’re on an old version.

It looks like you need at least 2.2.5 (2021-04-13) to report the battery percentage.

I’m on 2.3.1 which seems to be the latest. Just to be sure, to see the screen you added above, you’re going Configuration > Devices & Services > clicking ‘# devices’ in the SOMA Connect Tile > Clicking your Tilt 2 device?

Yes, I click on the “1 device” link on this file in my integrations to get to it


Did you by any chance create a sensor for it as shown here? Soma blind control via MQTT - #98 by ratsept

No, from memory the soma was discovered by HA and I didn’t have to do anything beyond following the integration setup.

Ended up creating a sensor for it like they did in that post. Just did a quick writeup on it for anyone interested: Soma blind control via MQTT - #103 by CZonin