Some addons can't start on Home assistant Supervised (Coreelec)

Since supervised installation is finally not abandoned, I decided to give a try on my odroid N2 with Coreelec.

I’ve managed to get Home Assistant and the supervisor installation on Correelec (should work also with Libreelec) with some modification ($path an library path) of the installer. Everything’s is working great (discover, updates…).

The problem is some addons cannot launch for an unknow reason and others work with no problems!

For exemple: File editor works perfectly. Mosquitto broker zigbee2mqtt doesn’t start and only give me the following log ->

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

If it finally works, I will gitclone
and share my modifications for Coreelec/Librreelec (I know there is peoples interested as I’ve seen many post on this). Thanks in advance (again!).


Could you please share your findings in regards of coreelec?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not really familiar with Coreelec, but since its website bills it as a “Just enough OS,” my guess is it’s missing dependencies that some of these add-ons need.

While the Supervised install method was not deprecated, it’s only supported if Debian is the underlying OS. I would guess that Coreelec is missing functionality that Debian has, and that Home Assistant requires for some of these add-ons to run.