Some advice about high performence Bluetooth dongle


I read and listed high performance Bluetooth dongle list:
Bluetooth - Home Assistant

I would like to choose one with external antenna to have the best coverage.
So the choices are:

  • Feasycom FSC-BP119
  • LM Technologies LM1010

Is there one which could be better?

I found some feedback specifying the Feasycom might have issues with Linux and could need some hardware configuration change.
Looks strange because they are tested on Linux, but not Debian which is the distribution I use, specifically Armbian Bullseye on an Odroid N2+.
Does someone using it can tel me how it happened?

About the LM Technologies LM1010 I searched for it but I found two references on Farnell France:

  • LM1010-0972
  • LM1010-0971

I don’t really find the differences between these two models.

Which one is the good one?


I believe the difference between the 0971 and 0972 products reside in the packaging (the 0972 is the retail pack), in other words the dongles are the same.


At Farnell the price is quite the same between the two references.

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