Some alarm questions


I have 2 things i would like to change to make my alarm better. I cant figure out how to do it, so im asking here.

  1. 1 have 3 door sensors, i would like the front door to have a 40 sec delay, the other 2 doors should make the alarm go off directly. Maybe even when in armed_home all 3 doors should make the alarm go off direct. Is what possible?

  2. I would like to play a mp3 file when the front door is opend when the alarm is on. Then another file when disarmed.
    Can i do that?

For Number 2 - I use ‘Tasker’ on my android wall mounted tablet with autoremote and trigger sounds from the door sensor being activated via a shell script on HA.

For 1 - you could manually change the state of the alarm component to one when it’s tripped, and sound the alarm manually based on the door choices. For the front door, just invoke the ‘trigger’ for the door with the delay.

Not tried it, but it sounds like it should work!