Some automations do not trigger

Hello, I recently upgraded HA following support from @jchh

Since the upgrade, I got some of the automations working, for example the one with my alarm clock at 7:10, and some other not working, for example the one that opens the blinds at 7:25.

On the non working automations traces stay “light grey” (in full). Manual run does not trigger anything. Running the content actions (from “then do”) does the job. Runs are visible: “last run at” and those date/time seem ok.

This impacts more complex automations as well. Again some working, some not. But wondering how it can impact simple stuff like time based.

Any idea?

Look in Settings → System → Logs for errors.

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There’s really not a lot of information to go on:

  • As @tom_l wrote, what do your logs say?
  • Are all your integrations working?
  • Were you using HACS? …is it working?
  • Which entities/devices are showing as ‘unavailable’?

Waiting a few days “helped” the automations to recover one after another.

I had no time to look into logs after the update. Now everything is back as expected :+1: