Some "CAST" questions

Setting up an alarm system to wake me up. I use the google travel component to retrieve the travel time etc and then alter the offset part for the alarm clock node.

Anyways I am using the cast node to announce a wake up message and to play the local radio station.

So the message part seems to work ok. However when I tell it tp play a URL as in the one for my local radio station, it says its ok but takes a while for the Google Mini to start playing as if its buffering. Does anyoneknow if this depends on the radio station or is it an issue unsolvable thats part of the Google Mini?

Also and a minor Also, I ask Google to play rain sounds to sleep by. Does anyone know if I can use the cast node to do the same thing?

Don’t have a good answer to your first question but for the second one you could probably check the media_content_id from the google device when you manually ask it to play rain sounds and them cast that same url via the cast node.

Thanks Kermit. I started playing last night using status to see if that would return what I needed so working on it.

As for the delay it actually does eventially play. When you send the command it returns the status nearly straight away but the delay in playing is there. Will keep working on it. If you tell it via voice it plays nearly instantly.

Thanks for all your help so far.

and here is the status that is returned when questioned

applications: array[0]
23/12/2018, 09:35:48node: 4152d3ef.586e0cmsg.payload : Object
applications: array[1]
0: object
appId: “9731D581”
displayName: “Relaxing Sounds”
iconUrl: “
isIdleScreen: false
launchedFromCloud: true
namespaces: array[3]
sessionId: “a698305e-ec8e-4fc4-86fa-088650bcd558”
statusText: “Casting: Babbling brook sounds”
transportId: “a698305e-ec8e-4fc4-86fa-088650bcd558”
userEq: object
high_shelf: object
frequency: 4500
gain_db: 0
quality: 0.707
low_shelf: object
frequency: 150
gain_db: 0
quality: 0.707
max_peaking_eqs: 0
peaking_eqs: array[0]
volume: object
controlType: “master”
level: 0.699999988079071
muted: false
stepInterval: 0.019999999552965164