Some clients can't connect via local IP until I restart home assistant OS


Just got home assistant set up and I’m seeing a bizarre issue.

I set a static IP from inside home assistant’s supervisor, and I also configured my router’s DHCP to assign a static IP by mac to home assistant. I run home assistant OS on a raspberry pi 4B+ with 8GB RAM over wifi.

Some devices on my network cannot hit home assistant via direct IP address. It’s as if home assistant doesn’t exist or isn’t running the service on that port. Other devices can hit it just fine. I don’t run any VLAN or second subnets or anything weird in my local network.

I do have an NGINX RP server on my Synology NAS and a self signed cert, and proxying via the NAS always seems to works. But I think that’s more a function of my NAS being one of the clients that doesn’t have problems hitting home assistant.

Complicating things, when I restart the home assistant node, suddenly those clients having trouble can connect. But eventually they stop being able to connect and I have the same issue.

I have never seen anything like this - in all my past experience, if a web app is running on a port and I can see it on one device, I can see it on all devices. It’s like there’s a firewall or something blocking the ports (there’s not).

Not being able to hit home assistant means android devices can’t begin to try to report location which kills home assistant’s automation value for me.

Anyone have any ideas?

one of my first posts here had a similar reason.

from a network-engineering standpoint, handing out the IP to a specific MAC-Address and having it as a static configuration does not interfere.

what i see ever so often is the network card freezing and while i might still be able to connect to node-red directly via port 1180, lovelace on port 8123 and the supervicor on its “internal” ip are not accessible.

i think it is a problem with the driver of the nework-card that jumbles up the tcp/ip-stack.

rebooting at 3:00 am each day helps, but it still happens. and if it does, the network-card leds stay on, even when i disconnect the lan-cable.

if you could confirm this, maybe we get a fix in one of the next OS-Releases…