Some days Alexa really ticks me off

So I’ve been doing a lot of work in the last few days fixing all the niggly problems with my Home Assistant. I have a lot of them resolved, but there’s one that’s really bugging me.
I have a Sonoff basic on my deck that controls an exhaust fan for the BBQ. It also has a DHT22 for temp and humidity. If I ask that bit… errrrr Alexa what’s the deck temperature, 97% of the time she replies “Deck fan doesn’t support that.” I didn’t ask about deck fan, I asked about deck temperature!
Here are the Deck related devices Alexa knows about:
|Deck Door binary_sensor.deck_door via Home Assistant
|Deck Fan switch.deck_fan via Home Assistant
|Deck Lights light.deck_lights via Home Assistant
|Deck Switch switch.deck_switch via Home Assistant
|Deck Temperature sensor.deck_temperature via Home Assistant

What is her problem?

Do you have a New Zealand accent? :rofl:

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Hah. No, Canada is a long way from New Zealand, but I don’t care who y’ar, that’s funny right there.
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A bit rich, an Aussie talking about accents cobber.

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I speak the Queen’s Unglish.

At least we can pronounce the difference between ‘fish’ and ‘fush’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fush and chups?

Well that led me down the Key of Awesome rabbit hole …