Some devices not written onto any registry files


I am using the .storage/core.entity_registry file to connect unique ids (and subsequently the entity_id) of various devices so that I can communicate to Home Assistant to/from an external system. My issue is that certain devices do not add to this file or show up in the entity registry.

I have some TP Link devices. The HS110 Smart Plugs will successfully register, but the LB110 Smart Bulb device I have will not register in .storage/core.entity_registry file or the entity registry present on the UI. I also have a Leviton Light Switch I can also not see on any registry files. Is there anything I’m missing? I can see their entity id’s on the dev-state browser page but I cannot find where this information is stored. Could this information be stored in another place?

that’s the way the entity registry is supposed to work. if the component doesn’t generate a unique id then it doesn’t get stored in the entity registry.

i’ve heard you can add a "unique_id: " key to the configuration files of at least the mqtt components but i’ve never tried it so i have no idea if it will work or what the limitations are.