Some devices with 100% battery for months

I have the following battery powered devices:

  • 2x door locks
  • 1x temperature sensor
  • 2x motion sensors
  • 4x leak sensors
  • 1x garage door tilt sensor

The door locks and tilt sensor show battery levels less than 100% but all of the other devices are 100% despite being on the same batteries for months.

I was talking with a friend who uses OpenHAB and he said there is some setting that disables battery reporting status that defaults to On. Once he enable battery reporting his devices report their battery power.

I thought the battery status would be reported every time the device wakes up.

I am using ZWave JS.

Depends on the device. None of my battery devices report battery levels unsolicited, nor do they have any settings to do so. Check your device manual for that.

Otherwise, you can use the zwave_js.refresh_value service call with a battery level sensor entity to periodically refresh the battery values. The request will be queued by the z-wave driver and when the device wakes up (wake up notification) it will get the battery level value from the device.

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Strange issue this. Out of my 13 Aeotec-Multisensors-6 (ZW100), the battery level of:
-3 devices show either 47 or 50%
-2 devices show decreasing percentages, so report fine I guess. At least this is how all sensors reported until a few weeks ago
-8 devices show 100%, of which I just added a new one to check if that would be stuck at 100% as well

They’ve all been reporting decreasing battery levels as they should for the last 9 months, but since a few weeks only 2 of them still do. Does this perhaps have anything to do with the HA message ‘Z-Wave device configuration file changed’? That showed quite a few times around the time I noticed the difference in battery levels.

Regarding HA, I’m running all the latest updates. All Multisensors have firmware 1.16 and worked fine the last 9+ months. Also, the parameter 101 for battery reporting is set on all of them.

Does anyone have any ideas what the cause of this might be? Thanks