Some disabled automations get re-enabled on their own and on restart

When I’m working on modifying an automation, I copy an existing automation, add a version # to the name and disable the old automation. I also rename the old automations by adding " - disabled" at the end of the name so it’s easy to track what should and shouldn’t be running.

I currently have 10 automations with " - disabled" in the name.
When I restart HASS, 2 of them get re-enabled.
I’ve restarted several times and the same 2 are getting re-enabled.
These same 2 also seem to re-enable on their own. They actually re-enabled while I was typing this post.

I’m on 2022.6.4

Do the automations use the initial_state option and is it set to automatically enable the automation on startup?

that was it.
these were created in YAML

Automations created in the UI don’t have this so I forgot about that attribute.


I never use the UI editor but I find it hard to believe that you can’t also have that option there as well.

The ones created in the UI have a toggle that works fine. OP was saying the problematic ones were YAML controlled ones.