Some entities don't change status anymore

Hello, sometime after the update to 108 most of my entities don’t change status anymore unless they receive the command from Home Assistant.

I have Bticino switches and outlets connected to their gateway, Home Assistant uses the HomeKit integration to communicate with the gateway.
This issue doesn’t affect them all, that’s why it puzzles me, example: if switch on one of the lights from HA, the status updates correctly and the light reacts, if I use the physical switch to turn on the light, HA still shows it turned off. Same when doing the opposite, if I use the physical switch, HA doesn’t update and still shows the light as being turned on.
Some entities do this and some don’t. They never had this issue before.

I tried restoring a 108.2 snapshot and it still does this, I tried a 105.5 snapshot and it doesn’t show the same behavior but it’s much slower in changing status than normal, still if I send a switch on/off command it executes immediately. I tried deleting homeassistant_v2.db and it didn’t solve the problem.

I recently moved HA to a virtualization server, so I tried reconnecting the Pi I was using before and it has the same issue.

Any suggestions?