Some forum updates

I’ve made some upgrades to the forums over the last 12 hours or so. They include:

  • Signatures. Please don’t go too crazy on this or they will disappear.
  • GitHub integration. You will receive special badges the more you contribute to GitHub. Also, any time a GitHub commit or PR is referenced on the forums, the commit/PR will receive a comment linking back to the forums. Nifty.
  • Tooltips. Hover over posts and a few other things to see a quick preview
  • Saved searches. Save your favorite searches for easy access and get notified when new results appear.

I’m working on adding real push notifications to your desktop browser and Android devices so that you won’t have to have a open tab or receive emails anymore.

In addition, on the appearance front, I’ve added the following:

  • A modal/dialog box that will pop up when submitting a post if it looks like you’ve pasted code or logs but didn’t properly format it.
  • A copy to clipboard button for code blocks/snippets
  • New banners at the top of categories
  • Automatic switching to dark mode. Currently only supported on Safari for macOS and iOS 13 but coming very soon to Chrome and Firefox. You can disable in your Interface preferences
  • Improved colors in dark mode and the top header in both light and dark mode
  • Added some new composer options: underline, align center, align right, justify and strikethrough
  • Added a scroll to top button
  • Added a share to reddit button next to existing share buttons when clicking a post timestamp

Let me know if there’s a feature you want to see or styling changed. Thanks for using the Home Assistant Community Forums!

– Your friendly neighborhood sysadmin


Someone asked me to test the GitHub linkback integration, so here’s the first commit ever to Home Assistant! Check the comments at the very bottom of the commit to see the Discourse link.

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Very handy! I love the changes. The dark theme on the forum looks a lot nicer (IMHO).

Is there a way to make the “tool tip” box that pops up in the “unread” posts section show the preview of the first unread post in the box instead of the contents of the very first post in the thread?

For example, if I have a new post in the Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed thread that contains 2787 posts, and if I put my mouse over the thread link in the “unread” section it shows the first post contents which is pretty useless.

Seems the tooltip for code just pops up even though i used the syntax correctly (to my knowledge) since the preview looked fine :slight_smile: