Some ISSUE also with new update 1.12 - IFTTT - device_tracker - waze - here - roomba

Since a week i’m starting to use Home Assistant,

I was waiting for a new release and now i have installed hassio
System HassOS 1.12

I’m encontered some problems that don’t seem fixed in the new realise

  1. IFTTT with Webhooks
    autentication fail

I use:

in this new realise i saw that there is a Long-Lived Access Tokens,
can I use it with IFTTT?

if yes, in whitch way?

  1. device_tracker
    I tryied
  broker: !secret mqtt_host
  port: !secret mqtt_ssl_port
  username: !secret mqtt_username
  password: !secret mqtt_password

  - platform: owntracks
    max_gps_accuracy: 100

but i receive a configuration error on device_tracker

Roomba work but stay always connected h24 and the Clean green led is always on

there is a way solve this? or a workaround?

  1. travel time

I’m using “waze” and “here”

If i put in the config the option


they stop work, without the option name: they work but
when configured more than one they are not correctly identified
and sometimes the time is excenged beetwen one to another

There is someone with these issue?

There is a way to resolve them?



You solved?
Because I have problems with:

  • Google snapshot backup;
  • fttt:
  • Motioneye …
    I think they are all related to something related permissions / authentication to the google account