Some issues with ZHA

Due to an issue with my zigeen devices that made them all of a sudden loose their connections I ended up from moving from a ConbeeII and Deconz, to a Sonoss Plus transmitter with ZHA.
I started with the ConbeeII stick when the combination kept dropping the network. So I took the plunge and migrated to the Sonoff+ transmitter with 46 devices…
Everything seemed to work, but it looks like it still has both the conbeeII as well as the Sonoff, see screenshots:

ZHA shows Conbee II

And I use the Sonoff transmitter??

This did not appear to cause problems and I started adding devices and then the fun started The effect ? was that my mesh went offline a few hours after I added my last (52nd) device.

I had to restore from a backup file to get everything working again. I haven’t been able to add any more devices since then. The devices come from Signify (HUE), INNR smart switches, AQARA (sensors and switch) and sonoff (sensors and switches).

So where do I start finding the cause of the problem? I have thought about “resetting” the system and repair everything, but since I have no clue if this will work decided against it.
I should have two ZHA logfiles, but have no idea where they are stored in HA.

I run

If I need to provide more detailed descriptions or data, please feel free to ask

I had the same issue when I migrated mine from a Conbee to a Sonoff. Just rename the integration by clicking on the 3 dots next to “CONFIGURE” and select “Rename”. You can name it anything you want.

Thanks for the tip, I would never have guessed this