Some learned commands in xiaomii_miio do not work (Xiaomi IR blaster/Chuangmi v.2)

Hi there, this is my first post here so I would like to welcome everybody :slight_smile:
My question is related to xiaomi_miio integration, and specifically - the remote section. I am able to control pretty much everything with it within my house except the power buttons of my Sony TV (some older model) and satellite tv decoder. I’ve configured those plain and simple through “learn command” service as I did for example for my projector (works flawlessly).
I know there are a couple of topics where users state that some learned commands just do not work at all despite the fact they work correctly in the mi home app. This is pretty much the same situation here for me, but I just wanted to know:

  1. Is this some known issue, some kind of fixme, to be implemented, known/unknown bug in the python script for the aforementioned integration?
  2. Is there ANYTHING that can be done with it at the moment to work? Is it possible to extract commands somehow from the mi home app or maybe something worth to try ?

One strange behaviour that occurs for me here is that when I learn the power on command through the official mi home app (the duplicate remote option), one press of the learned button is not enough, I need to press it 4/5 times in quick succession - and then it works. The same happened to me only once through HA integration - I set

delay_secs: 0.2 
num_repeats: 20

and despite firing it 30/40 times - only that one single execution brought tv to life.

Can anybody just explain what is going on here ? :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi kaztek,

I’m having the same exact problem of controlling an old receiver and with xioami IR blaster (chuangmi.remote.v2) and HomeAssistant.

  • I’m able to control the receiver from the MiHome app
  • I’m not able to control it from the HA (when I’m sending 30 commands, sometimes one of them is able to perform the action)

Worth to mention that I do able to control other products via the IR blaster & HA.

I was trying to be creative and using the learn_command service while sending the command from the MiHome app. Was able to learn it correctly, but still no luck when sending it via the HA.

Any ideas?