Some LIFX lights stopped toggling after editing entityID name

Ran into some trouble yesterday when I updated the entityID of 3 lifx lights on my network.

All 3 lights still work under the official LIFX app.
All 3 lights still show up under HA overview tab with their toggle buttons in the correct on/off position.
All 3 lights on/off history is still logged into HA history tab.
But only 1 light can still be toggled on/off through HA.
The other 2 lights toggle on the UI(“Turned on/off Storage2 Light”) but the toggle switch reverts back to the initial position and nothing happen. The light does not open/close and there’s no line in the logs file produced about it.

I tried factory reset on the LIFX lights with no luck. I’m not sure what’s the cause.

If it help HA has lost the ability to open the light settings to change the name and entityID for the 2 that stopped working with HA.