Some light turn on randomly

I have an issue with some light in only one room turning on without any pattern. At least I cannot find one. It´s about 5 Paulmann Zigbee spots in my bathroom. These are very new. Only in one automation with a button to toggle all of them. Thea were paired with Zigbee2MQTT. Because I was not able to solve this, I removed them and paired them with my hue bridge. Strangely it´s the same issue still. In the Logbook I do not find anything that helps. Are there somewhere some better logs? This is driving me nuts. Sometimes one spot is affected, sometimes two. They are all on the same power line. There is no more physical switch.
Hope somebody can help me.

Just a long shot, but I had a similar thing here with Innr bulbs, it turned out to be they were set to “turn on”, on resume power so any little flicker we got in the electrical system was switching them on, I have now changed them to “to previous state” and they are behaving perfectly.

I had that thougt too, but as they are all in parallel connected to the same power line thought that shouldnt be the case. Also I have around 50 Zigbee bulps in my appartment. These are the only ones affected.
But I will give this a try, since I have not hint at all. Will change them from the Hue bridge back to zigbee2mqtt.
Did you do that setting these entities?
to previous

I have seen this right before the ligt turns on:
Zigbee2MQTT:info 2022-11-09 12:54:38: MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/event’, payload ‘{“data”:{“friendly_name”:“BadezimmerLEDSpot1”,“ieee_address”:“0x00158d0006c60856”},“type”:“device_announce”}’

Is it possible, that the device annouces itself from time to time, and then turns on.
Is maybe a solution to disable announe for these lights?
Can this be done in the configuration.yaml?

That did not help. As a temporary solution I built an automation to turn off single lights turning on.