Some mqtt messages suddenly not being processed

So suddenly (it was working before) I notice the temperature stays they same for quite long time.
Then I click on it and see it’s been like that at least 2 days.
Strangely the same mqtt sensor sends also the humidity and that one is updated every x seconds.
When I listen for mqtt messages I also see both appearing, just Hass is not updating the temperature sensor in Hass.
What can this be!?

See attached images:
mqtt listen, and messages appear:

Left temp (not updated), right humidity (is updated)

Humidity gets updated:

Temp stays the same all the time:

Sensor in the states list:

To be complete the sensor config:

- platform: mqtt
  name: "Woonkamer Temperatuur"
  state_topic: "/esp2/DHT22A/temperature"
  unit_of_measurement: °C

- platform: mqtt
  name: "DHT22a Vochtigheid"
  state_topic: "/esp2/DHT22A/humidity"
  unit_of_measurement: '%'

what mqtt server are you using? (I think I have a similar problem)

The default for hass:
I restarted Hass and now it’s processing the temperature again.
No idea why/when/how it stopped working…