Some of my favorite Home Assistant resources

Hot off the presses. These are some of the places I get my best project ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:



Awww, you made me blush :blush:

I just realized I didn’t have a direct link to your repo @anon43302295. All fixed now. Keep up the great work!

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This is brilliant. I am still quite new here but whilst making good progress I am alarmed at how long some of my yaml files have already become and was getting frustrated with what I saw as an inability to make the files readable, maintainable and frankly, just structured. This link has pointed me to a whole world of further resources that I didn’t even know existed. It doesn’t really mater if that is my fault or that of the website layout, I now know of a place to go to find not only probably an example of every possible syntax structure I can think of but also some excellent solutions to my readable, maintainable and structured problem.

I haven’t begun to scratch the surface yet but have spent a good while today looking at the files of the ever helpful @anon43302295. I now have the task of virtually re-writing everything I have done - or at least breaking it up into smaller chunks (packages? who knew? I only found out about including directories because of your link to documentation that I don’t think is linked to from the HA website). And I suspect I will be reusing many of the great ideas I have seen there. Hopefully it won’t generate too many questions :slight_smile:

So thanks to @CCOSTAN and seriously, I wish I had known about this a few weeks ago when I first found HA.


Glad you liked the break down! Of course, if you rewrite anything BETTER, be sure to add a pull request. lol

Welcome to the time sucking hobby that is Home automating!

Take care @klogg