Some Problem in supervisor on NUC

I run home assistant on NUC (SSD)
NUC : Intel Celeron Processor Inside (NUC7CJYH)
BIOS Version : JY0057

I can’t download addon or anything on supervisor and don’t update supervisor to new version

Please tell me how to fix it!!!

That’s because HA thinks you are running in an unhealthy state click the blue link after that error on the supervisor screen to learn how to fix it.

reboot the host (not just home-assistant!)
If that doesn’t help, delete the database and restart.
This always worked for me

We were able to fix it with restarting the supervisor but that doesn’t seem to work anymore so I guess it’s time to move over to Debian, however I just updated supervisor (to the beta version) successfully and that error went away for now at least.

now HASS is normally
I restarted several times.after that supervisor can update and suddenly HASS can be used

Thank you everyone