Some questions about displays

I would like to make a display to read some important values of my Home Assistent system. I succeeded to show some values on a tiny 0.96 inch oled screen. I have used an esp32 board and esphome.

Now I have a few questions before I will buy a display.

I have seen two displays on AliExpress:

A tft one:
[TFT](Ik heb net dit geweldige item op AliExpress gevonden. Bekijk het nu! €7,50 32%OFF | 4 Inch Tft Kleur Touch Lcd Display Module 800*480 Ips Scherm Kan Direct Worden Ingevoegd In Arduino Mega2560 Ontwikkeling Board

And an e-ink version:
[E-ink](Ik heb net dit geweldige item op AliExpress gevonden. Bekijk het nu! €29,44 40%OFF | Waveshare 4.2 Inch E-Ink Display Module Voor Raspberry Pi 4 B E-Papier Module

I have a few questions.

Am I right that I can use both displays with esphome, connected to an esp32 board?

Are there specific reasons to choose one display type over the other (tft vs e-ink) or is this a matter of personal opinion?

Is it possible with each of those displays to create several pages to display values of different sensors?

If yes, is it possible to change pages with a button connected to the esp32 board?

Is it a problem if those displays are turned on whole day?

Is it possible or advisable to turn the display automatically off after some time and turn it on by for example a proximity sensor, connected to the same esp32 board?

You might want to some research on e-ink.


  • Literary consumes nothing at rest. Only when refreshing is any power consumed.
  • Paper-like clarity


  • Extremely slow to refresh (4s / frame for the one you mention)
  • Usually max 3 colors (white / black / red). The one you mention is monochrome.

Thank you! That is interesting info!
I was not aware of the refresh time.

But if I have values which are not changing that fast, it may be an idea to update the display only a few times an hour, so it is not a big deal if refreshing takes a few seconds.
And if I take a bare esp32 chip, so without developer board and I let it go into deep sleep, I even may consider powering it by battery?

On the other hand, a tft display seems the cheaper and perhaps easier way?
It is not a very big deal for me to add 230V power…

Other pro’s and contra’s fir tft and e-ink?

And what about if it’s a problem if the tft display is on whole the time?

I have the display working! For now, it is a test with several dummy values.

I only noticed very poor colors, yellow is for example more like faded out brown.

I assume it is the low quality of the cheap displays or is there some setting in esphome to enhance the colors a bit?