Some questions and Zigbee bridge questions (new to HA)

I am very new to Home assistant. And i thought that the HUE app and other apps for HUE was powerful.
I was so wrong (i think).

I have Home Assistant running on a Debian 11 machine. The only things i have on that machine is Debian without GUI, Open ssh and Home assistant.
Home Assistant runns well on the computer.

I bought the HUE start kit with the HUE Bridge, 2 E27 Ambient color bulb (1100 lumen) and a dimmer switch for about 2 years ago. I got one HUE Smartplug for free when i bought the start kit.
So i am using the Bridge together with Home assistant. And so far it have been working good.

I have since my purchase of the startkit buy another 5 HUE E27 Ambient Color bulbs to fill my appartment so all my lights are “smart bulbs”.
They are expensive but i wanted to use them toghether with Razer Synapse 3 cause i have keybord, mouse and som other RGB stuff to my computer from Razer. Thats why i keept going with HUE.

I have now bought 2 IKEA Trådfri GU10 spots (color) just to try them out a little. I still need another 2 GU10 lights, but im thinking on buying the HUE GU10 instead of IKEA Trådfri, cause i want to use them with Razer Synapse 3.

To use the lights with Razer Synapse 3 i need to add the lights to a “entertainment area”. And i cant do that with IKEA Trådfri Bulbs.
After some research i was reading that the IKEA lights dont have the bandwith to support “entertainment area”. But they work with the HUE bridge and Hue App (Android).

I running Node Red as well and it is alot of learning. But im getting there i think.

What can i do and not do with the HUE bridge connected to Home Assistant (connected via a 24 port gbit switch)?
And what can i do and not do with the Home Assistant SkyConnect - Zigbee/Matter/Thread USB stick?

Is it enough to only have the HUE Bridge?