Some thermostat custom components

I wrote two new components, for eq3 MAX! thermostats using the Max!Cube and also for eq3 Bluetooth Smart thermostats.

Additionally, I fixed some homematic thermostat stuff, that was not threadsafe and errored out a lot, which is now much better in my version. Also, support for MAX! thermostats that are controlled via homegear.

The MAX!cube stuff I can no longer test because I flashed it to a CUN / CUL using a-culfw and am controlling it via homegear and homematic component now.

Cool! Would you want to contribute it back to the main repo in a PR? That way it is easier for more people to use it

I would like to, but I can’t seem to get a real independent development environment running. Even if I use a virtualenv it interacts with my main HA installation.

Any pointers?

When running your dev hass, point it to use a different config dir:

mkdir config
hass -c config

It happens when I run tox, it seems to read the main config and somehow connects to my main hass instance.

EDIT: It seems to be a good idea to stop all running hass instances before running tox, or netdisco discovers something and stuff happens.

Created pull request #1783 for homematic MAX! support

That lint stuff is a lot of work.