Some things don't change when host IP has changed

I changed the host (Raspberry pi 4) IP after setting up a few things on a new install of the latest HA.
One change I haven’t been able to find is for TasmoAdmin.
The sidebar link goes to

After a bit I get: took too long to respond.

If I use the “OPEN WEB UI” from Add-on info page it is pointed to and opens as it should.

.138 is the DHCP obtained address on install.
.5 is the new one.

I have another IP and subnet change planned soon and would like to drag this duck back into line before the next one.

Any idea where to look?

Try this:

Turn off the show in sidebar addon button.
Restart the addon.
Turn on the show in sidebar button.

If that does not work do the same thing but restart the addon and home assistant before re-enabling the sidebar icon.

It doesn’t have a sidebar on/off like other add-ons. It’s a manual addition to the config file. I’ll check to make sure I changed it.

    title: TasmoAdmin
    icon: mdi:lightbulb-on

I missed this change.

Ducks all lined up now.